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Reflecting on my Lower Division Undergraduate Computer Science Studies

In the spring of 2014 I decided to leave my life as a touring musician and food service worker behind to embark on a journey towards greener pastures and decided to enroll in college to get a Computer Science (CS) degree. Studying CS was something I wanted to do while in high school. However, life took me in different directions. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs I spent my 20’s touring the world with bands and making ends meet by standing in various kitchens which often resembled Mordor.

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“Do I Have To Be ‘Good’ At Math To Be A ‘Good’ Programmer?”

When I was younger I asked myself the same question many young or inexperienced programmers ask in the form of forum posts and stack exchange questions today: “Do I have to be good at mathematics to be a ‘good’ programmer?” Recently while tipsy and bored I Continue reading

Thoughts on Math – Exploration Discovery and Applications

Looking back at the progression of my education in mathematics as far back as grade school in Germany there are some common learning patterns which I have been able to identify. Noticing common learning patterns in mathematics was something I only began to recognize in my current college pre-calculus/trigonometry sequence course. Continue reading