Current Goals For Keeping 2015 Productive

Hello World! Welcome to the developer blog. For more information about the topics of this blog please go to the about section and read the short synopsis.

This is my first attempt at blogging. What inspired me to start blogging was the fact that a majority of the interesting software development related articles I was finding on hacker news often directed me to the personal blogs of developers. While reading through various personal blogs of software developers I felt as if the content had a degree of freedom to which made it more engaging than the work found in more formal or commercial publishing venues. Witnessing the creative freedom brings to writing about technical subjects gave me the confidence to give blogging a shot myself.
After making this decisionĀ I decided that I needed a plan with a set of weekly, monthly, and yearly goals in order to keep content moving with some degree of flow. I have decided to integrate the blog to my main portfolio site, as a means of keeping in touch other than twitter and YouTube.

The overall goal of 2015 in terms of my web presence is to intelligently connect all of my social media, and source management accounts to my main web site. At this point in time all the accounts are registered, and linked in from each other. Now I am faced with the real challenges. Content creation and delivery. Below is a brief list of short term goals to keep 2015 productive in a way that shows other developers and employers what my skills are.

  • Refine layouts (Consistent branding across all accounts)
  • Create interesting content on regular basis
  • Network, and meet other developers
  • Create projects which build community through collaboration

Thanks for reading, and happy coding – Nick