About the blog:

Welcome to the BTSource developers blog. This blog features articles about software development, and occasionally a piece about music. Current focus for the blog is: The VS/.NET ecosystem, and within reasonable limits some front end web development content. The core topics of this blog are subject to change as my studies, and interests may change. One major goal for this blog is to be a creative outlet for my literary ideas, as well as being informative on a professional level.

About the author:

I am Nick Fazzolari, Computer Science student, lover of music, mathematics and anything software related. Currently working to support myself in the world of freelance web development while attending school. I take my chances with graphic design from time to time. I’m often described as being overly passionate, and even obsessive. Fine by me – at least I have things which drive me.

0_oldNickMain Web Site: http://www.btsource.net
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-C3To8Vw0993y8HnHnTdcQ
GitHub: https://github.com/NickersF

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