Monthly Archives: September 2016

Buffer Overflow: Too Many Ideas

Three years ago I was nowhere near the programmer I am today. Yet I feel less productive. In fact, I feel overwhelmed by all the ideas I have written down in notebooks and text files. I’m talking about a couple of dozen ideas. Many of them are unrelated to one another making them seem less appealing to tackle. While others don’t seem like good ideas anymore. I can live with throwing out bad ideas, as we learn and mature we see things through wiser lenses. For me the unrest is with the ideas that seem to not fit together.

Part of me wanted to burn, and delete all the ideas from the last few years and start fresh. They felt like a burden, a glimpse into a less experienced and naïve mind. Instead I took a more rational approach by reviewing the list and keeping two projects to work on during the remainder of 2016. One project was a project I planned in June of 2014 and it’s building a calculator in HTML/CSS/JS. I recently started working on the project with good results. The second project I kept is from December 2015. The project is making a beginners C++ lesson on YouTube. This will give me a chance to review core C++ topics and finally use the Bridge Town Technologies YouTube visual identity I developed in the beginning of the year. I think these projects are reasonable in scope and will help to solidify skills I frequently use. In my last post I mentioned that I would set time aside for personal projects without any detail. I finally spent some time to figure out how and when to take on personal projects. School breaks, without stress. Simple and straight forward. Click here to check out the basic calculator repository on GitHub.